Be a pioneer. Get on the BAG WAGON. Switch to COMPOSTABLE PRODUCTS

“Compost me! I melt next to your food scraps”

100% Compostable

Yes, there is an alternative to offer your customers when taking their stuff home from the store that is actually good for the environment. Our bags are certified, safe and accepted in composting programs across Canada. Big or small, they decompose best rubbing up next to your unwanted leftovers.


Battling the Bag?

So you’ve invested in reusable bags just to forget them at home and have to use plastic anyways for those shopping quickies that always creep up on your way home from work. End the bag battle with the perfect guilt-free alternative to traditional plastic bags, without the extra cost of reusables that just get forgotten.

Win-Win for All

As a retailer things are changing and you have no choice but to switch. But what is the best solution that won’t break the bank? Our bags are cost-effective for retailers, hassle-free for consumers, and help things grow. Even the ocean critters will thank you, as they dissolve completely in sea-water, leaving nothing harmful behind.

BS Free Fertilizer

Not only do compostables bags make it easy to get your goods home for you & your customers, but they are perfect for collecting your food scraps and organic waste, making composting even easier no matter where you live. Compost is one of the best soil fertilizers that also reduces greenhouse gases. Traditional cow manure actually increases methane emissions. Help grow the success of composting.

Welcome to Mount St. Plastic's

Tired of opening your cupboards and being hit with a plastic bag explosion? Switching to compostable bags not only prevents those nasty plastics from reaching the landfills, but when used to collect organic waste, help reduce 60% of the garbage that gets dumped in today’s landfills. Turning that mountain into a mole hill.


Want to end up with more change in your pocket? Why not use an alternative that actually is affordable not only for your business, but helps your customers save money too? When using your compostable bags to take their purchases home, customers save money by not having to buy an extra product. They can reuse ours for their organic waste collection & toss them right in the green bin.

About Refresh Packaging

We have a great story and it’s worth listening to. But to make a long story short, we started as a marketing company. Don’t get us wrong, we love marketing. Our Founder, Marketing Mastermind and Fearless Leader loves to travel the world, and she does a great deal of it. As she saw what’s been happening in Europe and around the world, she was inspired, and this inspiration planted the seeds for Refresh Packaging.

Then curb-side compost pickup came to our humble city of Calgary, Canada, and a whole culture shift began here as it has in many places across Canada. Of course, the adjustment in remembering to pick up can-liners to collect food scraps became an issue. After observing the plastic bag mayhem under their sink, her genius husband said, “wouldn’t it be great to be able to use those for our composting too?” which kicked the quest into high gear.

We have worked long and hard to bring these amazing products to Canada, making it easier for all to make the switch. The best part is we can bring you the best price for these products, as we control all aspects of the supply chain. You are tapping the source when you order your bags from us.



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“Canadian Government to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021: Source.”  CBC News Canada. This includes single-use plastic bags as well.

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“Canadian Government to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021: Source.”  CBC News Canada. This includes single-use plastic bags as well.