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Things are changing in Canada and around the world. Recently the Federal Government of Canada has announced it will no longer be allowing single-use plastic bags  and more. So that leaves businesses with less affordable options to offer their customers a clean, convenient way to bring products home. But it’s time to make a change.

Our compostable products can help. It’s about time that an option is available that is good for everyone. With the growing awareness, infrastructure and accessibility for our residents to compost, so grows the opportunity for real change.

Our products are here to help support the success of these programs while still keeping things as affordable and convenient as possible for your customers. Living a zero-waste life is possible and withou sacraficing our convience.


Our Most Popular Compostable Products

Listed below are our most popular products. If you need something a little different, just contact us and we will let you know what we can do for you. Our customization is what sets us appart. Not to mention the variety of products we can manufacture means you can get what you need from one place. We are all about making it as simple for everyone as possible.

Food Storage and Home Use Products

Ready for you to purchase for your home

Product Type

Zipper Close Bags

Certified Compostable Cling Wrap

Product Type

Cling Wrap

Compostable Garbage Bags

Product type

Garbage Liners

Bags for Your Business

Some in Stock and Custom Orders Available
T-shirt Compostable biodegradable shopping bag for food scraps

Product Type

Tote-All Bags

Product Type

Produce Bags

Refresh Packaging's compostable paper and bamboo bag styles good for Retail, food service, checkout, and delivery. Styles include loop and die-cut handles

Product Type

Paper Shopping Bags

Product Type

Self Adhesive/Mailers

Product Type

Pet Waste Bags

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Take Out and Fresh Food Packaging

Custom Orders Available

Product Type

Sandwich & Wrap Boxes

Product Type

Cups & Cutlery

Product Type

Soup & Salad Containers

Product Type

Bakery & Deli packaging

Product Type

Compostable Gloves

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Sustainable Packaging for Dry Goods and Meats

Perfect for packaing your teas, powders and high barrier vacuum seal compostable packaging for meat, fish and poultry

Check out our Dry Goods Packaging Catalogue


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The term “bioplastics” refers to biodegradable plastics and/or plastics derived from renewable resources
(the definition from European Bioplastics)

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The term “bioplastics” 
refers to biodegradable plastics and/or plastics derived from renewable resources
(the definition from 
European Bioplastics)

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