Have some questions? Feels like you are lost in a forest of information? Let us help.

What are your products made of?

All of our products are made from plant products. Our bags are mainly made from a non-food grade derivative of corn, meaning they don’t take from food stocks but are made completely free of petroleum products. Some of our products also contain paper or bamboo. One thing’s for sure though – there’s absolutely no plastic in sight!

What does certified compostable mean, and is it different than biodegradable?

Great question. While everything that is certified compostable is also biodegradable, not everything that is biodegradable is certified compostable. All that “biodegradable” means is that a product will break down into SOMEthing after SOME period of time, with the help of microorganisms. This means it could theoretically take 400 years and break down into micro-plastics – not great.

For something to be certified compostable, it has to have undergone third-party testing by an accredited laboratory proving that it will break down into non-toxic byproducts in a set period of time. For example, ASTM-D6400 is a certification that stipulates that a product break down into valuable soil nutrients within 84 days or less in a composting facility. This is typically tested by a third-party organization such as BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute). Fun fact: our products all contain a minimum of one worldwide compostability certification, and our compostable bags carry 5!

How do I order a stock product?

We have lots of stock products that you can order right through our website by clicking the “I Want to Order for My Home” button. You can also reach out to us using our web form or email us at info@refreshpackaging.ca to place an order. We’ll just need a shipping address and then we can send you an invoice through email that you can easily pay online via credit card. If you’re not sure whether a product is available as stock for you to order in small quantities, just reach out and ask – we’re happy to help!

I can't meet the minimum order quantities (MOQs), what can I do?

Our custom products all have minimum order quantities because we produce the product from scratch specially for you. If you’re not able to meet those MOQs though, don’t worry! We have lots of stock products in set sizes with generic branding that you can buy on a case-by-case basis. We’re also always expanding and looking for feedback from customers like you about which products and sizes you’d like to see stocked in the future. Just let us know through our web form or through email at info@refreshpackaging.ca.

Why are my bags starting to tear?

While compostable bags are very strong, they are not meant to last forever. This is the big difference between our bags and plastic, and is probably why you’re looking to buy ours in the first place. Because they’re designed to break down over time, if you keep your bags for a long time, they will begin to tear more easily and stick together a bit more. Typically, compostable bags last about 1-2 years from production before they’ll start to fail. Always keep an eye on the production dates printed on the boxes to make sure you can use your bags in time.