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Zipper Close Food Storage Bags

Our certified Compostable Zip Top Bags are the perfect solution to store your food easily and conveniently, and can be disposed of in your green bins without any guilt as they are NOT made from plastic. Now, if you forget something in the back of your fridge, you can easily dispose of the whole spoiled contents without having to deal with any of the unpleasantness. Just toss the fully certified Compostable Zip Top Bag in your green bin or curbside compost program and it will safely decompose into healthy bio-mass, turning into fertilizer with all your other organic waste.

Order for your home or order in large quantities to sell in your stores. Refresh Packaging is here to help. We no longer have to compromise the environment for convenient, sanitary ways to handle and store our food and other items.

Certified Compostable 3 bag size bundle
BPI Certified Compostable

Our assortment of various sized Zip Top Bags are perfect for storing meats, fruits and veggies, and really anything you can think of! They are easy to close and reseal over and over, perfect for storing whatever you need to keep fresh or organized.

Our different products include a box of 100 of our small snack sized bags, a box of 50 of our medium sandwich sized bags, and a box of 50 of our large sized food storage bags.

Each bag has a large area to easily label what is in the bag without smearing.

They are FDA approved and freezer safe.

The best part is you no longer have to purchase expensive containers to store your food to help the environment. In fact our 100% certified Compostable Zip Top Bags add zero plastic to the environment, as opposed to thick, heavy, plastic reusable options. You also don’t have to stress about your kids bringing home those containers they keep forgetting at school or other places they manage to end up. Not to mention, you will no longer have to deal with mystery science projects growing in those forgotten containers that happen to make their way back home or are found in the deep recesses of your fridge or freezer.

Unlike other brands, Refresh Packaging’s certified Compostable Zip Top Bags carry the Seedling certification, which means they are safe for home composting. These compostable Zip Top food storage bags break down perfectly in compost facilities across Canada with no toxic residue left behind and meet the ASTM D6400 standard, which means they break down in less than 84 days.

We offer solutions for everyone, from distribution for larger retailers looking to re-sell the product to individuals that just want a better option. Connect with us to see where we can help.

Our stock Zip Top Bags come in a white, slightly translucent colour in various sizes for all of your food storage needs.

Product SKU & Size:

Small/Snack Zip Top Bags
Size: 15 cm x 12 cm (6″ x 4.7″)
Bags/Box: 50

Medium/Sandwich Zip Top Bags
Size: 18 cm x 19 cm or 7″x 7.5″
Bags/Box: 20

Large/Freezer Zip Top Bags
SKU: ZL-L1112
Size: 27 cm x 30 cm or10.5″ x 11.8″
Bags/Box: 15

Order by the box or bundle together right here online. These products are for home use. If you want large distribution opportunities, these products would be ordered with an MOQ (minimum order quantity) order for best pricing.


If you are a Grocer or Retailer that would like to order certified Compostable Zip Top Bags to sell to your customers, we can help.

There is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) required, starting at 35,000 bags for the smallest size. The bigger the bag, the smaller the MOQ.

No need to compromise on quality and convenience to bring an environmentally friendly option to your customers.

Tell us what you need and we can build your bags for your store.

When ordering our stock bags, you can have them very quickly as we keep them here ready to be ordered. Perfect for a business that needs a smaller volume.

When ordering for resale, the first order takes the longest. Delivery is usually within 13-15 weeks. We are flexible on where they need to go and will do what we can to help you get them there.

If you currently work with a distribution company, we will do what we can to build a relationship with them and keep your supply chain as simple and smooth as possible.

They are made from natural renewable resources; in our case, they are corn-based. Since they are made from organic material themselves, they respond the same way organic material responds in the decomposition process.

Just like your typical organic waste, decomposition is taken care of by bacteria that break the bags down and essentially eat them for their own food source. What is left behind is waste the bacteria expels, which often consists of the nutrients that can not be consumed by the bacteria. This nutrient-rich by-product is what has been used as a healthy soil additive for ages.

In fact, there is evidence composting practices were used over 10,000 years ago in different parts of the world. There is even evidence of composting methods being used by King Sargon during the Akkadian Dynasty, which lasted about 160 years between 2320 BC and 2120 BC. So composting is not a new concept. We are just getting smart and going back to some effective proven natural methods of enhancing our soil nutrients and dealing with waste.

Because our products are made from organic material or bioplastics, they too break down just like organic waste does when exposed to the same conditions. Bacteria are key to the fast breakdown of any organic material and are essential for our products as well. When placed in a composting facility or combined with home composting, our bags typically break down within 8-16 weeks, depending on how much bacteria is present, moisture and temperature. The decomposition of our products can even happen between 6-10 weeks when the conditions are ideal and there are other organic materials present with the products.

The number 1 thing to remember is when they do break down, our bags leave nothing harmful behind. No micro-plastics are leached into the environment like with other bags that claim to be eco-friendly such as “biodegradable” and “oxo-degradable” bags. That is why certified compostable products are revolutionary in our fight against harmful plastics while allowing us to still have the convenience we have come to enjoy in our everyday life.

Go to our FAQ’s if you have more questions, or feel free to contact us directly. We love sharing more info about our products.

Our Most Popular Compostable Products

Listed below are our most popular products. If you need something a little different, just contact us and we will let you know what we can do for you. Our customization is what sets us appart. Not to mention the variety of products we can manufacture means you can get what you need from one place. We are all about making it as simple for everyone as possible.

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Test results showed the new bioplastic is marine biodegradable with a 97% biodegradation rate in ocean water within a one-year period, according to ASTMD6691 standards for marine biodegradability.

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Test results showed the new bioplastic is marine biodegradable with a 97% biodegradation rate in ocean water within a one-year period, according to ASTMD6691 standards for marine biodegradability.)

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