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Compostable Cling Wrap


Compostable Cling Wrap

Now you can wrap all your food without feeling guilty with our BPI-certified compostable cling wrap. Our compostable wrap is proof of a new generation of packaging that uses organic resources such as corn. It performs as good as the conventional plastic cling wrap. It’s clingy and even a little stronger, and the best part is that it won’t stick around for hundreds of years, polluting our environment after you’ve used it.

Our product is not toxic, keeps your food fresh, and breaks down completely; it decomposes into harmless compounds like carbon dioxide, water and healthy biomass when composted that plants love.

By using it, you’ll be helping to create a plastic-free future and taking your first steps towards a more sustainable home, while still keeping your convenience. Embrace the a better way to store food.

Refresh Packaging produces extra large compostable bin liners perfect for yard clean up, leaf collection and lawn clippings, as well as organic food waste from restaurants, catering, professional kitchen scraps collection, schools, businesses, restaurants and other venues in need of large organic compostable waste disposal.

Our Compostable Cling Wrap has all the advantages in one small package. The small unit boxes save space and show your company’s dedication to reducing unnecessary packaging waste. On top of that, each cling wrap comes with a convenient slide cutter which allows easy separation of pieces, making it easier to use than ever!  

The size of 30cm x 30m gives you enough certified compostable film to wrap everything you need. But not too much that it will start to breakdown before you get around to using it. Remember, compostable packaging isn’t meant to last forever.

Our product has a new formula that allows the wrap to cling more easily to trickier surfaces without losing strength. It’s ideal for home use and of course food safe. It can be disposed of easily along with food waste and tossed in your municipal compost bin for collection where approved.

Shelf Life: Our compostable cling wrap has the same shelf-life as other products, which is 12-months. This is an essential validator to their ability to break down. They are not meant to last forever as already mentioned. So we work closely with you to ensure that you have the correct amount of product you need at their peak quality. 

Strength: New formula with a powerful compostable film that also allows keeping the wrap firmly attached to tricky surfaces. 

Certified Compostable: So what does it mean exactly to be certified compostable? It means our products have been tested by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) which is an external organization that verifies that our products meet their requirements and are true to what we say. This is the regulatory body that completes rigorous testing on our products and others to ensure they are safe to be used in composting and will not add any harmful chemicals to the natural process. Not all products are equal and without the BPI certification, products are not verified to be safe for compost facilities or your backyard compost. 

Looking for larger volume?

Our certified compostable cling wrap is not just meant for home use. We have larger thicker rolls for commercial use and we can even manufacture heavy duty pallet wrap to help all sides of the industry become more sustainable. Our pallet wrap is a product we are very proud of and knowing how much plastic waste is generated from just shipping products alone, has been the driving force for this new innovative product. Reach out to us if you are interested in creating plastic-free pracitices in your business and home.

Our products are certified to compost but contents you place in the bag may not be compostable. You must verify what is allowed within your local regulations.

When ordering our certfied compostable cling wraps, you can have them very quickly as we keep them here ready to be ordered for home use. Perfect for a business that needs a smaller volume. We are flexible on where they need to go and will do what we can to help you get them there.

If you currently work with a distribution company, we will do what we can to build a relationship with them and keep your supply chain as simple and smooth as possible.

If you are interested in high volume or more commercial style products. We manufacture those products just for you on a min-order basis. This allows you to have the freshest product for the longest time. We will deliver the product directly to your main warehouse, all in the effort to  make it as easy as possible to make the switch.

They are made from natural renewable resources, in our case they are corn-based. And since they are made from organic material themselves they respond the same way organic material responds in the decomposition process.

How Composting Works.

Just like your typical organic waste, decomposition is taken care of by bacteria that break it down and essentially eat it for their own food source. What is left behind is waste the bacteria expels which is often the nutrients that can not be consumed by the bacteria. This nutrient-rich by-product is what has been used as healthy soil additives for ages. In fact, there is evidence that composting practices were used over 10,000 years ago in different parts of the world. There’s even evidence of composting methods being used by King Sargon during the Akkadian Dynasty, which lasted about 160 years between 2320 BC and 2120 BC. So composting is not a new concept. We are just getting smart and going back to some effective proven natural methods of enhancing our soil nutrients and dealing with waste. Because our products are made from organic material or bioplastics, they too break down just like organic waste does when exposed to the same conditions. Bacteria are key to the fast breakdown of any organic material and are essential for our products as well. When placed in a composting facility or combined with home composting, our products typically break down within 8-16 weeks depending on how much bacteria is present, moisture and temperature. The decomposition of our products can even happen between 6-10 weeks when the conditions are ideal and there are other organic materials present with the products. But the number 1 thing to remember is when they do break down, they leave nothing harmful behind. No micro-plastics are leached into the environment like other bags that claim to be eco-friendly such as “biodegradable” and “oxo-degradable” bags. That is why certified compostable products are revolutionary in our fight against harmful plastics while allowing us to still have the convenience we have come to enjoy in our everyday life. Go to our FAQ’s if you have more questions, or feel free to contact us directly. We love sharing more info about our products.

Our Most Popular Compostable Products

Listed below are our most popular products. If you need something a little different, just contact us and we will let you know what we can do for you. Our customization is what sets us appart. Not to mention the variety of products we can manufacture means you can get what you need from one place. We are all about making it as simple for everyone as possible.

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Refresh Packaging's compostable paper and bamboo bag styles good for Retail, food service, checkout, and delivery. Styles include loop and die-cut handles

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Sustainable Packaging for Dry Goods and Meats

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A recent study states that Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth,1 Canadians generate approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage a year (and only recycle about 30 percent of that material)

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A recent study states that Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth,1 Canadians generate approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage a year (and only recycle about 30 percent of that material)

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