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Pet waste bags, drawstring bags and cling wrap – Oh My!

That’s right folks, we have a whole new line of certified compostable products ready to go! Anything you’ve ever needed for your daily plastic use is now available in the zero-plastic form! Made from plants with the certifications to back them up, all of these new products are carefully designed to make your life as convenient as possible while keeping the planet happy.

When you start to look around and take notice, you realize that it’s a little insane how much single-use plastic we really use on a daily basis. We’ve got a couple of new products all stocked up and ready to order for when the plastic guilt sets in. You already know about our compostable zip-top bags, but now we’re adding pet waste bags, drawstring bin liners, and cling wrap to the list.

Compostable pet waste bags may not be a new idea to you (we get it, you’re on top of things), but we bet you’ve never seen them like this before. Our pet waste bags are made with big breeds in mind – actually one really cool German Shepherd named Duke in particular. These bags are larger than you’re used to, size 9×16″ rather than the typical 8×12″ ish; and trust us, those couple of inches make a big difference when you know what to do with them. And, drumroll please…. THEY HAVE HANDLES! No more getting doggy doo doo all over your fingers when you’re trying to tie up your pet waste bags. You shouldn’t be punished for being diligent with your clean-up, and now you don’t have to be. Our bags are in the same style as a grocery bag, just smaller. So you can avoid touching any nasty parts of the bag, just tie up the handles and be done with it!

Next up to bat, we’ve got our bin liners. They’re available in two sizes – 10L and 49L (that’s around 3 gallons and 13 gallons for our American buddies). The smaller size is the perfect fit for your kitchen catcher compost bins and the larger size is great for a kitchen garbage bin or anything in a similar size that your heart desires. Keep in mind, these aren’t just for food scraps either, you can use them for your yard waste too. Pretty much anything that comes from nature can go in these handy little bags and off to the composting facility (but always make sure you check your municipality’s guidelines before chucking anything). The kicker for these guys is that they have drawstring handles for closing. You might be noticing a theme here – as much as we love composting, we know it can be a little gross sometimes, and we’re trying to keep your delicate little fingers clean. The drawstring makes it simple to close up your waste and cart it off to where it needs to go without spilling anything or dipping your hand into the bag. You’re so welcome.

Last but certainly not least, this one’s a biggie because it’s pretty much brand new to the market. We’re trendsetters though, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing these everywhere in the next couple of months once Milan catches on. That’s right, we’ve got certified compostable cling wrap available for all your food storage needs. Our cling wrap’s got all the bells and whistles you’re used to from plastic – a sturdy tear-away box and a fancy slide cutter to slice off a piece when you need it. But better than plastic, it’s BPI-certified compostable, just like all our bags. So next time you wrap up that last hunk of cheese or a delicious sandwich and then forget about it for a little too long, you won’t have to extricate the grizzled remains from their plastic coffin – just toss the whole thing into your compost bin and let your spoiled leftovers rest in peace. And again, keep those digits from getting dirty.

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