getting down & dirty with compost

It’s a complicated time, as we try to make eco-friendly shopping choices, without adding to the pandemic by bringing our own reusable bags. One way we’ve found that helps to check the right boxes is the movement towards compostable bags. And, since it’s Compost Week, it seems like the perfect fit for us to raise awareness.

50% of all waste in Canada is organic, and therefore, potentially compostable. It was recorded in 2006, 26 million tonnes of waste entered Canadian landfills. Since then Statistics Canada has reported 18% of that total was diverted from landfills between 2006-2014.

The good news for us all is that composting eliminates the need to send organic materials to landfills to rot and produce climate-altering methane gas, and instead re-purposes them to build and enhance plant life.

Any plant’s best friend is beautiful, rich soil. And what better or cheaper way is there than composting to enrich and rebuild soil? Compostable bags are useful for collecting food scraps before and after meals at home, and once added to the compost bin, will literally melt and decompose, naturally contributing to the nutrient-rich matter.

As retailers join this movement to stop filling our landfills and start giving back to the earth, we’ll see the multiplying effects on our climate, ecosystem, and outlook improve. So grab one of our compostable bags to collect your organic scraps, and you’ll have taken your first step to creating a greener future for our planet.

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