Ditch the Plastic AND the Hazmat suit with Compostable Zip-top Bags

Lunch bags are made for messy (and often smelly) decaying time capsules. One simple change can make cleanup a more pleasant job, and a more eco-friendly choice.

Look Mom, No More Plastic – For Your Lunch at Least

Have you ever thought to yourself when packing your kid’s lunches with various plastic snack bags, sandwich bags and more, “there must be a better way?” With a house full of people heading out for weekend hikes, sports tournaments, summer camping trips and just busy schedules, I need to pack a back-up food service to keep the hangry kids at bay. Through this, I have often felt guilty with the amount of plastic Ziploc bags we go through, that ultimately get tossed in the garbage or put into the recycling bin, with skepticism as to whether they will actually be recycled or not.

On the flip side, we have also done the whole “send the kids to school with reusable containers” in great hopes they somehow find their way back home. As a mother, that solution leaves you wanting as in most cases you NEVER actually see them again. On the off chance they do finally make their way back to your loving care, the science project they have become leaves you questioning if that container can truly be salvaged. Come on… you’ve all found some long-lost container at the back of your fridge and had the inner battle of trying to decide if it’s worth fighting the gag reflex to save that container or just cut your losses. No judgement. We are all trying. But honestly, unless you opt for those expensive glass containers that no-matter-what you’re not tossing, we’re honestly just adding complications and more plastic to the environment when it comes to storing our food.

We don’t even want to talk about what gets tossed into those large plastic freezer bags and stays in cryostasis permanently. If only there were an environmentally-friendly alternative that lets you keep the convenience of plastic Ziploc/resealable bags, and lets you dispose of those inevitable science projects with ease while saving you money on long-lost containers. 

That is where the Refresh Packaging team has really pulled through. We have developed the perfect food storage solution that gives you all of the above. You can now use our convenient certified compostable zip-top resealable bags guilt-free for all your food storage needs. These babies are truly our babies that we’re proud of. They carry the BPI and EN(Seedling certifications) which means they have been tested and proven to break down in city green bin/curbside composting programs with zero toxic waste. Look Mom, no more plastic! They also make dealing with those forgotten bundles of food gag-free. Just take the whole bag and toss it in with your other organic waste. No more opening up and fishing out nasty, slimy, unidentifiable food to separate it from the earth-choking plastic. Unless you’re into that kind of thing… You can still open it to check it out and quickly regret your choice, then toss it in your green bin. Whatever works for you. 

The best part is, you no longer have to chase your kids, friends or family down for those precious containers that have left the safety of your lid-exploding cupboard. Our Zips come in 3 standard sizes that are perfect for anything you want to store. From our smallest snack size to tasty sandwich size, to large, freeze-that-roast size. They are FDA approved, food-safe… of course, freezer-safe and compost-safe. These bags are a game-changer for the environment and a win-win for all parties involved. We get to maintain an easy way to pack and store our food, keeping it fresh, and we are no longer adding more waste to our environment since the bags break down and turn into a healthy resource to grow more food. Welcome to the beauty of a circular economy.

If this is a dream come true, you can order yours today right here from our site and we will ship them directly to you. Just click here. If you are a retailer that would love to offer these products to your customers, that is an option too. Just reach out to us and we can manufacture fresh certified compostable bags all packaged up and shelf-ready, shipped directly to your location. Time to make the switch!

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