Compostable ZipTop Food Storage Bags – 3 Size Combo

1 Box of Each Size, 3 Boxes Total

Snack Size, Sandwich Size and Large Freezer Size

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Bundle and save. We know you use each size daily, so why not get them all at once? Refresh Packaging’s 100% Certified Compostable zipper close bag bundle has all bags designed to seal in freshness and comes with one box of each size: large (freezer bag size), medium (sandwich size) and small (snack size). Our zip top bags are perfect for storing meats, sandwiches, fruits and veggies and anything else you can think of! Each box comes with various sizes. Each bag has a large area to easily label what is in the bag. FDA approved and freezer safe.

BPI Certified Compostable

Our zip top bags are perfect for storing meats, fruits and veggies and anything else you can think of! They are easy to close and reseal over and over, perfect for storing left overs.

This bundle includes one box of 50 bags of our small snack sized bags, one box of 20 of our medium sandwich sized bags, and one box of 15 of our large sized food storage bags.

Each bag has a large area to easily label what is in the bag without smearing. FDA approved and freezer safe.

Our Certified Compostable ZipTop Bags are the perfect solution to store your food easily and conveniently, and can be disposed of in your green bins without any guilt as they are NOT made from plastic. Now if you forget something in the back of your fridge, you can easily dispose of the whole spoiled contents without having to deal with any of the unpleasantness. Just toss the fully certified compostable zip bag in your green bin or curbside compost program and it will safely decompose into healthy bio-mass, turning into fertilizer like all your other organic waste.

We no longer have to compromise the environment for convenient, sanitary ways to handle and store our food or other items.

Unlike other brands, Refresh Packaging's certified compostable bags carry the BPI certification, which means they are safe for composting. These bags break down perfectly in compost facilities across Canada with no toxic residue left behind and meet the ASTM D6400 standard, which means they must break down in less than 84 days.

Our products are certified to compost but contents you place in the bag may not be compostable. You must verify what is allowed within your local regulations.

Additional information

Weight .98 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.25 × 1.75 in

For easy labelling


Large, Medium, Small

Large Bag Dimensions

27 cm x 30 cm (10.5" x 11.8")

Medium Bag Dimensions

18 cm x 19 cm (7"x 7.5")

Small Bag Dimensions

15 cm x 12 cm (6" x 4.7")


Translucent – white

Food Safe

FDA Approved, Freezer Safe, BPA Free


Carries Seedling Certification and meets all ASTM D6400 Compostable Standards. Safe for all Canadian Compost Facilities

3 reviews for Compostable ZipTop Food Storage Bags – 3 Size Combo

  1. Sophie M

    This bundle is great as I use all these sizes often. I love that I don’t have to use plastic anymore and it goes in my green bin. Best idea ever!! will keep buying them.

  2. Christine

    Perfect substitute for packing my kids lunches. We have had the green bin program in Calgary for a while now and I will say I am so happy when my kids bring home their uneaten lunch I can just toss the whole thing in the green bin. We use so many of these bags and I love having an environmentally safe option.

  3. Enrique

    This products are the absolute replace for single use plastic with very little of foot print and the food last longer

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